Struggling to plan your Social Media content?


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Are you a restaurant owner that struggles to plan social media content? Or maybe you don’t have enough time to keep track of everything social media can do for your business.

You know that Social Media Marketing is important… But you also know that it’s a big job. Planning. Wondering what to post. Keeping a track of metrics. Hashtags. Engagement.

You probably need to use a Social Media Content Planning Tool.  Designed for social media food marketing, our free tool for you includes hashtag lists, metric tracking and planning!

Restaurant owners are busy.

We don't need to tell you that.

Social Media Marketing is an integral part of marketing.  The food industry is one of the fastest growing, making it more vital for restaurants to have an online presence. 

The statistics don’t lie.

Struggle to plan your social media content? 

Or maybe you don’t plan it at all and post when you feel like it or get a free minute…

Don’t know what hashtags to use? 

Or maybe you’re not even sure what hashtags do or if they help…

Forget to check your metrics and insights?

Or maybe you’ve never even looked at them or know which are important…

Do the posts you schedule actually go out?

Or maybe you don’t even pre-schedule or plan your social media posts…

We noticed a lot of restaurant owners have these questions.  We also noticed a trend.  Restaurant owners have very little spare time, but also have a very big need for social media marketing. The time that was spent on social media marketing, was not optimised. This means a lot of it was wasted doing unnecessary things. Or trying to come up with inspiration.

It’s a sticky situation, especially when you are doing your own Social Media Marketing.  So, we created a planning tool to share with restaurant owners to help them to plan their content. And we wanted to make it available to help more restaurants, cafés and food-related businesses. Here’s what our free social media content planner actually caters for:

Post planning

Our tool gives you the ability to plan posts based on the date. You can easily see what days have content planned and on what social media platform they are going out on.

Content ideas

Our tool gives you a simple space to plan your content themes in. It's simplicity means that when you get those few spare minutes, you can pick it up and plan in fragments: theme, caption & imagery.

Rotating hashtags

We have included two hashtag lists, specifically for the food industry just for you! These are some of the top performing hashtags for food marketing and by cycling through each list, you get the benefit of using them all. Without having to do the research!

Post status

This part of the tool allows you to easily see the status of your post. If it has been posted, needs planning or if it is scheduled. This solves the "did I actually post that?" question and allows you to check the accuracy of your scheduling tool.

Metrics & statistics

A single place to keep a track of the individual metrics of each post. This allows you to see how well your post performed, which content your audience is resonating with and what type of posts get the most engagement. Perfect for future post planning!

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